About Alpha Training Blue

There are trained handlers—and then there are raptor wranglers. From petting Blue andfeeding her treats to teaching her to attack on command, you’ll move through seven levels of training to help her progress from hostile to friendly. When you’re not training Blue, she can be on high alert in Guard mode or check out what’s around her in Prowl mode. Total Control mode lets you direct all of Blue’s actions. Your time is now—and so is Blue’s.


Learn how to play, train, and bond with Blue.

Software Updates

To check for periodic updates to Blue’s functionality:

1.) Turn Blue off.

2.) Open Blue’s battery cover and connect her to your computer with the included micro USB cable.

3.) Follow the on-screen prompts below.

Beware: Disconnecting Blue during update phase can cause her serious harm. DO NOT disconnect her until the enhancement is complete!


September 2018 Update

Click the "Download App" button to download the update to your PC.

  1. Click "Save" to save the app.
  2. Alpha Training Blue September 2018 Update.EXE will download to your Downloads folder. Double click this file.
  3. Click to “Run” the app if prompted by your Internet browser.
  4. A window may open, saying: “Windows protected your PC.” If you see this window, click “More Info”, then "Run Anyway,"
  5. The app should open.
  6. Connect Alpha Training Blue to PC with included USB cable.  If a CD Drive (D:) Training Center window opens, please close it.
  7. In the Training Center app, click the “Next” button for the first (2) two screens, then the “Training Enhancement in Progress” begins. Keep Alpha Training Blue plugged in during this process.
  8. When “Success! Training Enhancement is Complete!” appears, click “Quit” to exit the app.  Your Blue has been updated and is ready to train!

September 2018 Update

  1. Click the Download App button below to download the update to your Mac.
  2. Alpha Training Blue September 2018 Update.dmg downloads to your Downloads folder.  Double-click on this file.
  3. This extracts a new folder called Alpha Training Blue September 2018 Update on your Mac desktop. Double-click on this folder.
  4. Double-click the Training Center app.
  5. Click the Next button to start the update.
  6. Connect Alpha Training Blue to Mac with included USB cable. New Macs with USB-C may need a USB-C to USB-A adapter.
  7. Click the “Update” button in app. Keep Alpha Training Blue plugged in.
  8. When “Update Completed!” appears, Alpha Training Blue is done updating.  You may unplug Alpha Training Blue and Quit the app.

Software Updates

Unavailable for Mobile Devices.

Please visit this site from your nearest desktop or laptop to download the application and get the latest updates for Blue.


Trainer's Manual

Training Blue takes time and patience. But as you level up, you and Blue can interact more. This manual shows you how to teach Blue to move and turn in different directions, spin, roar, and eventually attack on command! Unlock more features and actions as your training skills improve, and check out Owen’s Tips for special hints and tricks. 



Before first use, you must charge Blue with the included 6.6V charger and charge the controller with the included USB cable. You should also check for an update by plugging Blue into your computer and following the on-screen directions that appear. Note: Blue’s micro USB port is for updates only; it is not a charger.

Blue is an indoor dinosaur. Make sure to operate her on smooth surfaces—she is not intended for use on carpeting. Do not take Blue outside, operate her in water, or leave her near heat or in direct sunlight. If Blue does get wet, wipe her with a towel and allow to dry completely overnight.

Blue listens for clicker commands and will look in the direction of the sounds she hears. If Blue isn’t responding to you, make sure you’re within 3 feet (1 meter) of her microphones and that she is not in motion or making a sound.

Make sure the controller and Blue are both turned on and charged. Check and see that the battery cover is closed and secured with a Phillips head screwdriver. When Blue starts to lose power, she may lose functionality or performance. If Blue’s batteries get too low, she will automatically turn off. Radio interference can also affect Blue’s performance, including other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sources.

In GUARD mode, all of Blue’s sensors are engaged and the controller will vibrate if Blue detects movement within 6 inches to 1 foot. You can then use the controller to move her to react to the intruder. In TRAINING mode, you work to level up so that you can expand your interactions with Blue. In TOTAL CONTROL mode, you can direct all of Blue’s movements. In PROWL mode, you can use the joystick on the top of the controller to walk Blue around.

During the training process, you will experience successes and failures. When you are training Blue effectively, the controller will flash green and vibrate. If she doesn’t understand your commands, the controller will flash red and vibrate. Keep trying! If you don’t pay attention to Blue, she will go into sleep mode. To restart her, you can touch either of her head sensors.

We’ve perfected de-extinction—but sometimes things go wrong. If this doesn’t work, you may need to do a factory reset. See the Trainer’s Manual to learn how to do this.

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